Welcome to the web pages of „Drewgall”

We are a Polish company with long traditions and rich experience. The “Drewgall” company produce a wide range of different originally wooden and metal articles popular in regional restaurants and home use. We offer: wooden oak mugs, boxes, buckets, pizza plates, trays, wooden spoons, napkin holders, sugar bowls and other wooden articles like flowerbeds. 

We have also: copper products – as vase for soup and big boilers, barbecue stuff, lamps,  fireplace doors , hangers and other.

We would like to present our products to private users, hotels and restaurants. We extend our offer permanently. Our wooden and metal products are of great quality and good price.

If you need some other products,  pleas write to us – we will try to make it for you. We guarantee the highest quality – and attractive prices !!!

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